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Keaton Place is hiring a Store Sales Associate!

We are looking for an individual who is energetic, creative, welcoming, conversational, detail-oriented, and able to handle a mix of responsibilities. 


Responsibilities include:

- Intentionally greeting and conversing with customers at anytime of your shift
- Serving customers through gift ideas, along with providing gift wrapping
- Willingness to learn store products and lines to best serve customers
- Continuously keeping product stocked and store displays looking clean, fresh, and straightened 
- Comfortability with technology to allow for smooth transactions at the register, including handling credit and cash 
- Assisting staff in pricing product and unboxing shipments
- Collecting and packaging online or over-the-phone orders
- Communicating with staff to best address schedule and daily responsibilities
- Striving for excellence in all you do, including timeliness, communication, and work ethic 
- Positive, welcoming, and kind attitude towards customers and staff


- Must be willing to work weekdays from 9:45-5:15 and some Saturdays (9:45-4:15). 
- Must be willing to be flexible with changing schedules. You would be on site 1+ day(s) a week to begin.
- Must be 18+ years of age.
- Additional hours of full or partial weeks when staff are out of town (4-5x a year). 
- Additional hours during events (5-6x a year).
- Additional hours during Fall & Christmas. 


- Employee discount
- Flexibility in scheduling, we can work with you week-to-week
- Some downtime during work day
- Sundays and major holidays off


- Are you familiar with the Keaton Place brand? Let us know your experiences. 
- Our customers are the heart of what we do and providing a good experience for them is the number one priority. Are you willing to make conversation, engage with, learn about, and form relationships with our customers? 
- Tell us about you! What do you enjoy doing? What do you think you can bring to our team? What do you do now? Do you have any career goals? Tell us anything you think we should know. 

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